From August 5-7, we will be having a Superhandles Basketball Camp in McMinnville, OR. See the below flier for more information.

Superhandles Basketball Camp in McMinnville--2014


If you are a coach that runs an offense that allows dribble penetration, such as the dribble drive offense, your players need to be equipped on how to break their defenders down. If you are a player and want to break your defender down at will, this will be the perfect basketball camp for you to attend.

In addition to handles, we can also customize a camp that includes shooting and/or post play.

If you are a coach or parent, and you’d like to schedule a Superhandles Basketball Camp or Clinic in your area, email us:

We also offer 1-on-1 training as well as small-group instruction. Email us if you are interested.

Around the Waist basketball drill at camp