Super Moves Volume 1


In this one-of-a-kind video, Supe breaks down over 25 basic to intermediate moves off the dribble while showing them in live situations that range from one-on-ones to actual games. All the moves detailed are game-legal. In addition to the moves breakdown, you’ll learn the elements of an effective move, the spatial relationship of an effective move, six skills every dribbler should master, key points of emphasis, tips for specific situations, and much, much more. This video is a MUST-HAVE for players of ALL levels of basketball.

A player that can break their defender down off the dribble is always at an advantage, and gives them an edge when the defensive pressure is the highest. This edge is worth more than the player’s weight in platinum. This is the essence of the Superhandles Advantage. Gaining it will equip you with the ability to create a one-player advantage when attacking off the dribble, enabling you to offset any defensive strategy.


  1. Super Moves Volume 1 is included in both the Middle-School and High-School Program. Super Moves Volume 1 and 2 are included within the following Superhandles Advantage Programs: Complete, 30-Minute, 10-Minute, and Coach’s.
  2. If you purchase the streaming version of this video, the content will be available for you online after your payment goes through.
  3. Find more information on Super Moves Volume 2 by clicking here.


“Super Moves Vol. 1 and 2 are the best basketball videos ever made! They are thorough, sequenced right, and full of common sense. They’re just great!” – Phil S. from Sherwood, OR

“First off let me congratulate you on a phenomenal product (Super Moves Vol. 1). Absolutely fell in love with it. Dying to buy volume 2. I saw the video and hit the court 2 days later. I watched players and instantly broke down their game. I could tell what moves they were trying (95% were using wrong technique) and the spacing was way too close.” – Vic from Providence, Alabama

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