How to build Pro Level Skills in ONLY 30 Minutes per day.
Your competition does not want you to know about this...  

The 30-Minute Superhandles Advantage Program

Build SERIOUS skills in ONLY 30 minutes per day?

If you can dedicate yourself to putting in 30 minutes per day, you could be well on your way to developing ridiculous shooting, dribbling, and passing skills.

The problem is, the vast majority of basketball players are simply wasting their time

Some players might be shooting hundreds of shots per day and working hard on their dribbling skills, but they don't seem to get much better. These players are not able to impact a game with their skill-set. Are you having this problem?

If you are, we understand your pain and we have an easy solution to your problem. As long as you are willing to put in the work on a daily basis, your game will begin to tranform

In order to get the most out of a 30-minute time frame, each workout needs to be structured systematically in a game-like fashion. Moreover, your workout regimen needs to be objectively designed for your particular skill-level. 

Furthermore, you need to be taught the secrets of training your handles, your shooting, and your passing for real games. How do you do this?

Well, the 30-Minute Program is the solution to your problem. You can get started with this systematic training curriculum TODAY.

What's Included?

An introduction to the whole program.

An instructional video on the Super Fundamentals that you should implement while performing the workouts.

An instructional video on Common Mistakes that players normally make while performing Superhandles workouts, and how to correct them.

An instructional video on the Shooting Fundamentals that you should utilize to maximize your shooting ability. Many prominent yet detrimental shooting myths and cliches are exposed and refuted. If you want to be a Super-Shooter in games, you won’t want to miss this!

A video on the Superhandles 100-Level Evaluation that you can use to find your ball-handling level and chart your progress. This is a tremendous tool to put your ball-handling improvement on steroids.

A video that explains the Superhandles Audio workouts, and how they are to be used in conjunction with the videos. In addition, there is a detailed breakdown on how to document your workout results in your workout journal. The Workout Journal will allow you to visually document your ball-handling and shooting results from day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month. This will help you keep you focused while putting you in a position to truly maximize your improvement

Short videos of all 20 workouts included in this program. This workout index will be used to look up a scheduled workout in order to learn the names of the drills as well as how to perform them.

Super Moves Video. This video is a combination of Super Moves Volume 1 and Volume 2. There are over 50 moves off the dribble included in this video, and they are all broken down in detail and shown in live situations. This is a paramount component and teaching tool that will show you how to apply the moves against good defenders!

Mp3’s of all 20 workouts. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes in length.

The Evaluation Audio mp3. This audio file can be used to time the eval drills without the use of a stop watch. All you have to do is play the audio and you'll be led through the eval!

The Evaluation Sheets and Evaluation Key. The Eval Sheets will be used when writing down your eval scores. The Eval Key will then show you your level of performance in each drill.

The Workout Calendar aka Workout Regimen.

A digital Workout Journal. The digital files that make up the Workout Journal can be printed over and over again. (Note: The Workout Journal is not a physical item.)

More insight on the workouts:

All workouts include game-like shooting, which include mid-range jump-shots, 3-point jump shots, mid-range pull-ups, 3-point pull-ups, and free-throws. Some workouts contain additional shots, such as hook shots and floaters.

This training system contains 19 workouts that can be performed on your own, while one workouts requires another person.  In each workout, the drills are spaced at a rapid rate, which makes the workouts about as intense as a Hitchcock movie. This means that while you are building your skills, you will also be building your conditioning level. (Note: All workouts should be performed at full-speed game intensity.)

These workouts contain a smorgasbord of drills, which include:

1-Ball Ball-Handling Drills.

1-Ball Dribbling Drills.

1-Ball Moving Drills.

1-Ball Moving Drills While Attacking the Basket.

1-Ball Passing Drills.

2-Ball Stationary Drills.

2-Ball Moving Drills.

2-Ball Moving Drills While Attacking the Basket.

Much more . . .

If you truly dedicate yourself to this program, you’ll improve at a rate that’s about as fast as a Ferrari.

Superhandles has been highlighted in:

The Road-Map to Serious Skills

This program will teach and train you in systematic fashion to build ridiculous skills in only 30 minutes per day. Some of these skills include: 

Ambidextrous dribbling, passing, and finishing skills. You will be trained to eliminate your "weak" hand and build two strong hands.

Handles that will empower you to control the ball and perform a multiplicity of dribble moves while sprinting!

The 8 core ways to create space off the dribble. All good ball-handlers should be able to create space off the dribble, and this will be drilled in this program!

Optimal footwork techniques for spot up shooting, dribble moves, and pull-ups.

Crossovers & Super Moves that can be used to create an advantage.

Mid-Range and 3-Point shooting.

Conditioning. Imagine being able to sprint up the floor and attack all game long.

Much, Much more. 

If you were perfectly content with your current skill-set, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. But if you decide to pass on this 30-Minute training system, what’s going to happen if one day you end up facing a player who has dedicated himself/herself to this program? Who’s going to have the Superhandles Advantage?

This program works great in conjunction with Superhandles University, so if you are not yet enrolled, you're missing out. Learn more by clicking here.

The fact that you’re here right now tells us that you want to have the skills to be a GAME-CHANGER when you step on the court. You might have dreams and goals in the game of basketball that you would like to achieve, but you haven’t had a roadmap to get there. Well, this program is designed to build your individual skills in only 30 minutes per day. You could be well on your way to builiding game-changing skills in just minutes from now.

The content in this program is worth over $1,100. You can get it today for ONLY $297

You have two options for program format: The DVD version (4 physical discs in a case), which is sent in the mail, and the Streaming version, which is accessed online by signing in to your account.

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Worth over $1,100. Yours for ONLY $297.