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Extra Complete Workouts (8 Volumes)

A SKILL problem . . .

Let's face it. Very few players are willing to dedicate themselves to the training curriculum in the Superhandles Complete Program. Two-hour workouts that are intense and game-like are certainly not easy. But if it was easy, every player would be ridiculously skilled . . . and this is definitely not the case!

The fact that you are here on this webpage shows us that you aren't scared to work hard on your game. You are probably following the curriculum in the Complete Program and you want to be the very best player that you can be. If this is you, these 8 extra volumes of workouts (which total over 45 hours) can help you get there. 

What's Included?

Workouts #21 through #44 are included in this 8 volume package. Here is some additional insight on these workouts:

 Extra Workouts Volume 1

21. Partner Contact Workout – This workout adds the element of player contact in order to train an essential variety of game-like skills.
22. Partner Passing Workout – In this workout, an eclectic mix of game-like passes are drilled.
23. Partner Workout – Stationary & 2-Balls – This workout combines dribbling, passing, dexterity, and shooting.

 Extra Workouts Volume 2
24. Weight Ball Workout – In this intense workout, a weighted ball, along with a regular ball, will be implemented throughout a game-like progression of Superhandles drills.
NOTE: We hope to offer weight balls at soon.
25. Partner Bounce Dexterity Workout – This workout will challenge your ball control while honing your moves to the basket. An additional player/coach will be needed to perform this workout.
26. Over-Cross Workout – This workout will drill the Over-Cross (a devastating change-of-direction move) from stationary to full-speed situations.

 Extra Workouts Volume 3
27. Sleep N’ Go, Foot Tap, Dribble Jab Workout – In this workout, 3 deceptive moves are honed from stationary to full-speed situations.
28. Combos: Double-Cross, Super Shake, Killer Cross, Double B.Back, Supe Deluxe Workout – This workout drills 5 lethal combination moves that can be used to shake defenders and create an advantage.
29. Half Spin, Van Exel, Tiny Archibald Workout – This workout isolates 3 moves that involve spinning. They are deceptive and effective!

 Extra Workouts Volume 4
30. Stutter Moves Workout – The stutter-step is a devastating move that can be used on its own or in combination with another move. This workout not only drills the stutter-step, but also drills a variety of attack moves that are initiated with a stutter-step.
31. Space Creators Workout – If you want to be effective off the dribble, you need to be able to create space between you and your defender. This workout drills 8 different moves that can be used to create space with the dribble.
32. Mirror Hesitation Workout – This is a special move that will have defenders leaving their feet to block a shot that you didn’t shoot. This is one of Supe’s favorite moves.

 Extra Workouts Volume 5
33. Super Pound Workout – This is one of the most potent Superhandles workouts for improving the power of your dribble. You might be pretty sore the next day!
34. 2-Ball Push-Pull/Stationary Workout – This is an extreme 2-Ball workout that will build your control and quickness with the basketball. If you want your dribble explosive and on a string, this workout will serve you quite well!
35. 1-Ball Perimeter Half-Ways Workout  – This workout hones a smorgasbord of game-like moves to the basket while performing a special Superhandles drill known as Perimeter Half-Ways.

 Extra Workouts Volume 6
36. Euro-Step Workout – The Euro-Step is a stellar move that you may have seen Dwayne Wade, Manu Ginobili, and Rajon Rondo use while attacking the basket. This workout hones the most basic form of the Euro along with several Superhandles inspired versions.
37. Create a Jump-Shot Workout – Hopping, J-Dub, Combos, etc. – This workout includes 18 different ways to create a jump-shot. This is one of Supe’s favorites, and combines his moves and techniques along with those he originally learned by watching Jason Williams and Kobe Bryant.
38. Split Moves/Fake Pass Workout – This game-like workout focuses on moves that can be used to split defenders as well as deceptive fake passes that can be performed while attacking the basket.

 Extra Workouts Volume 7
39. Arizona Hop Workout - The Arizona Hop is an explosive move to use in traffic while attacking the basket, and is drilled exclusively in this workout.
40. 2-Ball Super Pound Workout – This splendiferous Superhandles workout will dramatically improve your power, quickness, and control of the basketball. You might be pretty sore the next day!
41. Partner 10-20z Workout – This is a full-court workout that you will need at least one other player to perform with you. In one of the drills, you will need two other players. This workout includes several essential Superhandles drills that help transition your skills to game situations.

 Extra Workouts Volume 8
42. Partner Live Workout – This workout includes a great deal of live drills that require at least one other player. If you want your skills to translate over into game situations, you will find this workout particularly valuable.
43. Triple Threat Workout – This workout systematically drills 19 moves that can be performed out of the Triple Threat Position. These moves are efficient, game-like, and applicable.
44. 2-Ball Perimeter Half-Ways Workout – This workout hones an extensive mix of 2-Ball moves to the basket while performing a special Superhandles drill known as Perimeter Half-Ways. This is a terrific conditioner for your legs, lungs, and handles.

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You can start doing these workouts in literally minutes from now. There is a wealth of information and training secrets in these additional workouts. Simply follow the Workout Calendar in the Complete Program, and watch your skills rise like a helicopter!

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