Most Players will NEVER master these Ankle Breaking moves...
Discover how to put your defenders on skates.

Super Moves Volume 2


A MOVE problem . . .

The vast majority of basketball players have a very limited number of moves in their arsenal. From our experience, it has been quite rare to see a player who has truly mastered even one move off the dribble. 

Would you like to learn the secrets to performing dribble moves that can make it look as if your defender was on roller skates? Would you like to be able to create a one-player advantage for your team as you attack off the dribble?

If so, Super Moves Volume 2 can help you out a great deal

Most players have not been taught the essential techniques that should be performed in order to effectively execute various moves off the dribble. 

Moreover, many players that have had some success off the dribble have been getting away with carrying the ball and travelling! If a referee decides to call the game according to the rulebook, these players will be in deep yogurt! It takes much more skill to be effective while staying within the rules of the game, and in this video, you'll only find moves that are game-legal.

What's Included?

This video breaks down over 40 intermediate to advanced moves off the dribble while showing them in live situations that range from one-on-ones to actual games. This means that you will actually be able to see these potent moves in action against real defenders. This is a vital component to optimal application. You'll be taught how to do the moves and you'll also be able to see it applied!  

Here is a brief overview of some of the moves that are covered:

 9 Different Crossovers. There are many ways to cross your dribble over and create an advantage, and you'll learn 9 of them in this video.

 8 Ways to Create Space off the Dribble.
Seeing a player consistently and effectively create space with just one move is about as rare as a 2-door outhouse. Well, this video shows you 8 space creators that you can work on mastering!

 Over 8 Different Combo Moves to Shake Your Defender.
If you'd like to break some ankles and quickly create an advantage, you'll love these combo. 

 A Detailed Tutorial on the Pull-Up Jump-Shot.
Nowadays, players seem fascinated with long 3's and dunks, while the mid-range game has become almost non-existent! If you can master the pull-up jump-shot, you'll be much tougher to defend! Learn how in this video.

 Much, Much More.

In addition to the moves breakdown, you’ll learn:

 The Spatial Relationship of an Effective Move. How close should you be to your defender?? Find out in this video.

 6 Skills Every Dribbler Should Master. You will learn about the skills that should be drilled many thousands of times.

 Key Points of Emphasis. Without these keys, your moves will be a mess.

 Tips for Specific Situations. How can you prepare yourself to handle any type of pressure defense? Learn how.

 And Even More . . .

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Imagine Having Super Moves...

Super Moves Volume 2
A player that can break their defender down off the dribble is always at an advantage, and this gives them an edge when the defensive pressure is the highest. This edge is worth more than the player’s weight in platinum. This is the essence of the Superhandles Advantage. Gaining it will equip you with the ability to create a one-player advantage when attacking off the dribble. Furthermore, this advantage can empower you to offset any defensive strategy. Do you want this advantage?

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