Learn How To Shoot a Game-Ready Shot!
Discover the truth about many common teachings that are preventing your success!

Want a shot that can be successful in games?

If so, many common teaching that are taught by popular coaches and trainers will not help you.

In fact, some teachings will even make you worse!

This is a BIG problem for players who want to become the best shooters they can be.

Super Shooting will teach you the fundamentals of a Game-Ready shot while also examining many of these "Pseudo Shooting Requirements" that are outdated and phony.

Would you like to have a shot that can be effective against intense defensive pressure?

If so, Super Shooting is for you.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Superhandles has been highlighted in:

What does this video cover?

This video will thoroughly explain the 3 main pillars of shooting, which include: 

Legs - This is the power source for your shot. Should your feet be pointed at the basket? Should you land in the same spot? How should your legs be used? You'll find out in this video.

Focus Point - This is the place in which your eyes should focus. Where exactly should this be? You'll find out in this video.

Follow Through - This includes the full extension of your shooting arm and your release. How is this done? Should you snap your wrist hard?

We also assess a variety of common teachings about shooting, which include:

Elbow In - Should your elbow be in to the point of being perpendicular to the floor?

One-Eyed Shooting - Should you move your shooting arm through your cheek and eye when shooting? Is this game-ready?

Index or Middle Finger? - Should you shoot the ball off your index finger or middle finger?

The Dip - Should you dip the ball prior to shooting? Does this slow down your shot?

Square Up - Should you square your shoulders to the basket?

And more!

This video also includes instruction on: 

Free Throws - The free-throw routine is discussed and demonstrated.

The Pull-Up Jump Shot - The pull-up jump shot has become quite rare in today's game. With most player obsessed with long 3's and dunks, developing your pull-up can give you an advantage!This section of the video breaks down the pull-up jump-shot in a detailed and game-ready fashion. There are 5 core ways to pull-up, and each are  thoroughly explicated.

The Step-Back Jump-Shot - Any player who wants to be able to create his/her own shot needs to be able to create space and get the shot of quickly. How can this be done against a good defender? Find out in this video.

Super Shooting can help players of all ages and skill levels. While others are using outdated shooting methods, you could be building a Game-Ready shot.

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