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Jason Bunch

Doug Miles

Tom Stafford

Written Testimonials

“I have sampled several online basketball programs, and Superhandles is by far the best ball-handling program for developing game-ready handles. I am impressed that it scales so well.....meaning, you get a lot out of it from the very first workout....but the more you apply it (and re-apply it), and more fully follow the program....you will get even more out of it Last week, I played a game and did a cross over dribble and lowered my shoulder as I exploded past my defender on my way to the basket. It wasn't until later when somebody complimented me on that move that I realized I lowered my shoulder - without even thinking about it. That was a very cool moment. I was like, "Wow, Thank you, Superhandles!"

Lyle Brooks

“Jon’s program takes it to a whole other level. I mean, I learned a lot from Ganon Baker, Jason Otter, and Micah Lancaster. They’re great trainers in their own right. But what Supe does with the basketballs and shooting … he takes it to a whole other level. He covers everything. I call Supe’s program the Defense Destroyer. He’s taken the point guard game, and just the dribbling game altogether, and taken it to a different level. Supe really has taken my drills, and the drills he’s taught me, and it translates to the game … which was what I was missing. I think that’s the biggest thing that Supe has over everybody else. I finally got my dream fulfilled and played my first year of professional basketball in Orlando. Without the Superhandles training, I would have never been able to do that.”

Jason Bunch - Orlando, Florida

Todd Smithson, from Cedar Hills, Utah, has a 7th grade son who has improved from a level 20 to a 56 in his first 30 workouts in The Complete Superhandles Advantage Program. The following is what Mr. Smithson had to say about the progress that his son made: “Just wanted to let you know that my 7th grader just completed his first 30 workout regimen. He does 4 workouts per week so it took about 7 weeks. His results I thought were amazing. He is so excited to see results and have a way to quantify the work he has put in. He shot over 13,000 shots over the 30 workouts. His free throw percentage has improved by 10% in games. About 3/4 of the way through the workouts he really started scoring in his AAU games. He had his 2 best games a couple weeks ago when his team won a weekend AAU tourney here in Utah. He had 53 points in 2 games and made 10/16 three pointers. He went 9/10 from the line. The interesting thing is that they all just came within the flow of the game. Thanks for the great program that keeps him pushing hard.”

Todd Smithson – Cedar Hills, UT

“I wanted to share this with you. Last year was my youngest daughter’s first year of basketball (4th grade)… I found your website and ordered the Youth and Middle School Programs. When her season came she was about a 7.5 on super B, but she was easily the best ball handler on the court. She has now passed super C and is working on passing Super 1 (she is about a 12 on super 1). I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more highlights in next year’s video. My point of writing is to thank you for making these programs…(They) have been amazing for my girls.”

Jay Malloy – Wayland, Iowa

“Jon Hildebrandt (Superhandles) has helped my nine year old son develop his ball handling skills to have handles like a high school player. My son started with the Youth training workouts and has worked his way up to the College level workouts. Jon does an extraordinary job in his workout programs explaining “how to” dribble a ball effectively and detailed ball handling drills to improve any level of players handles. If you are a serious player and want to improve your ball handling, I highly recommend purchasing any of the Superhandles basketball programs.”

James Elias – El Paso, TX

“The Superhandles program has worked great for us. I use it for player development for all of my levels. It’s the best way I know to maximize repetitions and to teach the skills needed to be a productive player. I also teach a basketball class at school, and the Superhandles program is the basis for the curriculum and grading. We have been ranked #1 in Missouri Class 3 for two consecutive years, and the stlhighschoolsports.com top 10 for 4 straight years.”

Shad Nichols – Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach – Principia School

“We just completed the 30th workout of the 0-24 skill sets and he tested out as a 24. Which is amazing considering he started as a 8 skill level… I know my boy is only in 3rd grade…but as a parent it’s the best feeling in the world when you see the drills turn in to skills and then skills into confidence. We have followed the workout plan and I’m 100% confident in your method of teaching. You have probably trained 1,000’s of players…but it is very exciting to me to wake up every day an[d] witness the organic growth of my son.”

Eddie Couch

“I go to a private school for high school, and the basketball team is insane. I’ve been watching your vids to make me a better player. I’m only 5″9 and I made the team thanks to you. So thank you Superhandles.”

Fayde (YouTube)

“Thanks! Now it’s easy for me to do the Iverson Crossover.”

D.C. – New York, NY

Testimonials from Twitter


  • Jayden Conner


    @SUPERHANDLES when I bought ur program I didn't have any skill to get past a defender but after using it I broke a kids ankles 2x in 1 game!”

  • Progression BBall Academy


    @superhandles Your work is fantastic. If athletes could only better understand how important handling the ball elevates their entire game.”

  • Ian Walters


    “Supe, your program is amazing! Your workouts and program have made me a better man on and off the court, thank you so much!”


  • Nigel Boyd


    “Just finished doing a @superhandles workout. I suggest anybody that considers themselves a dedicated basketball player, get his programs.”

  • Damien Pezzuti


    @SUPERHANDLES Started doing your weak-hand workout everyday and have already noticed great improvement in my left hand. Awesome stuff!”